Our services are mainly requested for seminars, conferences, mine sites, industrial plants, board meetings, interviews, video conferences, government and international organizations.

AC Intérpretes is supported by professional colleagues with a broad knowledge and years of experience. We make up a solid team able to bring technical-linguistic solutions to our clients.

¿Why simultaneous Enterpretation ?

In general, there is little knowledge/experience in terms of how this service works. People talk about “1 interpreter” when thinking about a “small group” of users, however the work we do is time-bound and not relative to the number of people listening.
During “consecutive interpretation” the interpreter needs more time to convey the message from one language to the other. Pauses are needed after each idea or message. This doubles the time span of a normal meeting or a presentation. Consecutive is good for short meetings, interviews or a press conferences.

During a presentation, an hour-long discussion, a Board meeting, a Workshop, etc, in which attendees are constantly talking, exchanging ideas, questions and answers are going back and forth, the Professional Solution is “simultaneous interpretation”. Technology is on our side since it allows for seamless communications between the main speaker/facilitator and the crowd, whether big or small. The job is done by two interpreters (a duet) who take turns every 20 minutes without making interruptions and providing the necessary continuity for the success of the meeting and satisfaction of the participants in terms of their learning and achievement of the meeting’s goals.
Our job needs preparation in advance, concentration, focus during the hours of service; it is a complex skill.